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Name:Mia Dearden
Birthdate:Jan 21
Location:United States of America
Content warnings: Mentions of sexual abuse, human trafficking and HIV

Mia's life did not start out as a particularly privileged one. Her mother died when she was young, leaving her to be raised by a father who was both physically and sexually abusive. When she was eleven, she worked up the nerve to leave home, and began living on the streets of Star City. She survived the way many young women on the streets do.

She wasn't even quite fifteen when she first met the Green Arrow, who rescued her from a trick that was getting rough with her. He gave her the address for the Star City Youth Center. She didn't give it much thought at first, until her pimp tried to kill her that night. She fought him off, ran, and came to youth center the next morning, where she met Oliver Queen, who ran the center.

Figuring out that Oliver and the Green Arrow were the same person wasn't exactly brilliant detective work- the beard, the voice, the attitude. It was pretty obvious to her. Queen agreed to take the girl in, provided she go back to school and keep the whole superhero thing under wraps.

Oliver also trained her in basic self-defense and archery, and she proved to be pretty darn good at it. She started hinting at wanting to start going out on patrol with Ollie, who shot down the request every time. Oliver felt that taking another sidekick would just lead to another young ward growing up to resent him, like Roy Harper had.

Things changed when Mia tested positive for HIV. While she was still quite healthy, and had access to the best healthcare possible, her life had still changed. She felt that even if she very well could live for fifty or more years, that she couldn't put things off any longer. She wanted to make a difference, so that she could keep at least one person from going through the sorts of things she had. She needed focus in her life, and taking up the bow and mask was something she felt she needed to do. Ollie finally relented, and she took on the identity of Speedy, using the same codename as Green Arrow's former partner.

Headcanon notes: I generally play Mia now college-aged and balancing the Speedy gig with university studies in social work.
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